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Facetime is not activated by default in countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan and many other middle eastern countries. To activate Facetime on your iphone 4 – ipod touch 4 , you have to use Facetime Hactivator app in Cydia Store . Before using this app you need to jailbreak your iphone or itouch 4 using GreenPoison , Pwnage tool or Limerain .FaceTime-on-iPhone-4-1

After you have jailbroken your iphone 4 using any of the tutorials above , follow the steps below to install Facetime Hactivator app on your Jailbroken device.

Steps to Activate Facetime using Facetime Hactivator Jailbreak App :

  1. Launch Cydia and add the following Source
  2. After adding the source , Search for Facetime Hacktivator .
  3. Find and install the app and restart your device for the changes to take place
  4. Now on your iphone 4 , goto settings and activate Facetime option from there.
  5. Your device will now send the activation SMS

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** Tip : Use 3G to make Facetime Calls

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