4.3 iOS Breaks MobileSubstrate – Jailbreak Incompatible

Several top iphone blogs are writing about Jailbreaking iPhone 4 iOS 4.3 firmware using Pwnage Tool . But don’t be deceived , iOS 4.3 jailbreak has some compatibility issues with MobileSubstrate . The developers at BigBoss Repository have warned iphone users from upgrading to iOS 4.3 as Apple as introduced ASLR [address space layout randomization] in its latest upgrade . This messes up with the way Mobile Substrate works and you will need a new MobileSubstrate to use your favorite jailbreak apps such as winterboard, sbsettings, folder enhancer , bitesms etc . Dont be in a hurry to get your device jailbroken and avoid any upgrade until the official jailbreak is announced by the Iphone Dev Team .

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